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We all have some dreams in mind about what we want to become in life. Have you ever dreamed of being an emergency call operator? An emergency call operator receives emergency calls and dispatches, emergency teams, to react according to the situation.

911 Operator Apk

911 operator apk is a simulation game. The game put you in an extreme level alert situation where you have to deal with hundreds of calls daily each call with a different condition and emergency. The person on the call maybe a father or mother of a dying son, a house owner whose house is burning, or an innocent girl affected by the street criminals.

In 911 operator apk you do not only pick up the calls but you have to react appropriately. You might face different situations, sometimes you need to dispatch a police team, sometimes an ambulance or sometimes a fire brigade team.

Sometimes you need to dispatch a combination of a team of police, paramedical staff, and fire-fighters. The job doesn’t concern only with team management, it also includes the feelings to take care of the people in difficulty.



 When you are playing the 911 operator apk you are provided a vast map of multiple cities and towns all over the world. You are under tremendous pressure to deal with multiple urgencies. If a robbery is taking place and you are informed, you should send a police patrol unit. If an accident has happened you need to send paramedics. If a crime has happened and affected people are badly injured you need to send both team police and medical staff.


You have several teams at your disposal. The teams can use various types of vehicles like ambulances, air ambulance, helicopter, bulletproof cars. They can use multiple types of equipment like first aid boxes, bulletproof jackets, and other tools.

You have thousands of cities. You can select in which city you want to do the job of 911 operators. The map of the game contains addresses of affecters, other necessary information, and infrastructure. In career mode, there are 6 different cities with unusual incidents. You have to show your expertise during earthquake and expected bomb blast. The key points are given below.

  • Each team member with unique abilities.
  • Multiple equipments.
  • Different types of vehicles
  • 50+ plus emergency dialogues from real life.
  • Real-life instruction of emergency treatment.
  • Freedom to play in any city.
  • 140 different panic situations.
  • Fake or prank calls.

APK requirements and info

Android Version 4.1+
Apk Version 3.07.29
Category Strategy, Simulation
Rating 4.1
Size 97 MB

How to download and install:

  1. Click on the download button below.
  2. Tap on the install button.
  3. Allow installation from an unknown source.
  4. After installation, the game icon will show on your mobile display.
  5. Open it and start your job.


The 911 operator is a suspenseful and brain teaser adventure story with a cool concept. When you will be playing this game many moments may come when you will feel discouragement but you need to be consistent. You have to decide on your priorities. Show your expertise and beware of fake calls.

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Download 911 Operator Apk

You can download the Latest version of 911 Operator Apk from the given Link

Download 911 Operator Apk


1) Can we play this game offline?

Yes, after downloading the maps you can play it offline.

2) How many situations we will face in this apk?

There are 140 panic situations to deal with.

3) How we will react if there is a need for more than one team?

You can dispatch combinations of the team.

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