Download Age Of Civilizations V2 1.048 + Mod Apk 2020

Did you ever dream to rule the world? If it is so, your wish is going to be fulfilled. Age of civilizations apk is turn-based game which allows you to exercise authority on the world. You can make history, you can change history. You are witness to the revolution of the nations.

Age of civilizations

Age of Civilizations Apk

Age of civilization apk is a vast strategic game. Having this apk in your mobile is like you are holding a whole civilization in your pocket. In complete game, you can choose three different civilizations to make a perfect order of abilities. You can shape wonders, conquer for dignity, quest the technology, shape wonders, progress culture. You can enslave the people of your country. The making of history must be exciting.

Age of civilization apk is a perfect development. It is one of the best global strategic games. You can select the historical era what you find interesting. Select the country and start developing it. Stabilize the economy and make good relations with neighboring states. Transform a powerful army to fight against your enemies.

Age of Civilizations Apk Latest Version 2020 (Version Info)

Android version 2.3+
Rating 3.7
Required storage 19 Mb+
Genre Strategic
Adds No

Game play

In the first round, the player selects a card of civilization. The population value of the civilization is mentioned in the card according to which player chooses his workers. Player commands them to perform different actions according to the situation. The player has 5 to 6 actions to do with the help of the action slot. Orders are given before every round. Coins are earned by completing a task through the workers. They are spent on exploring new means.

In the next round, you can change the civilization by civilization card. The number of your workers will be changed according to the civilization value of the card. You are allowed to choose only three cards. The decision to select the perfect card in time makes this game strategic and interesting. At the end of the game who has more points, he will be the winner. You can download Age of civilizations from below button for free.

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The features are extraordinary. That is the need for its title. When you are going through the history you cannot survive with less. There are three modes of war off, standard, and full. 193 civilizations and a variety of scenarios make captivating. The detailed features are given below.


There are 342 countries on the map. You can modify the scale of the map. Countries showing different colors belong to different civilizations and the transparent are neutral. The capital is a very important province in the country. You can’t lose your capital more than three times. The capital has an additional 15% defensive and offensive bonus.


The treasury is filled with the income tax. That is added according to the economy of the country. This money if spend on the army and other expenditures.

Normal orders

  • You can recruit the army.
  • You can order to build.
  • You can disband the army units.
  • You can make vassal states with other countries.
  • You can move the army units from one place to another.

Diplomatic orders

  • You can submit a peace offer to stay away from war.
  • You can submit a pact offer to stop the war with any country for 5 rounds.
  • You can submit an alliance offer to other countries to help you in a war.
  • You can use kick order to break the alliance.
  • You can support the other country by giving money.


  • Forts defense your country.
  • Watch towers are used to see the movement of the enemy.
  • Ports are used to move the Army across the sea.

How to download and install 

  1. Click on the download button below to download the app.
  2. Click on the install button.
  3. Allow installation from an unknown source.
  4. After the installation, you can see the game icon on your mobile screen.


Can we play it offline?

Yes, you can play it without internet connection.

How is the game play?

This game is very easy to play.

Can we install it on external SD card?

No, you can’t install it on your SD card.

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