Download Final fantasy 5 Apk Latest and Updated

Final fantasy 5 apk is one of the best role-playing games. It was launched in 1992. Its two million copies were sold. It was earlier released for play station platform. That version broke the records by selling 350 thousand copies. According to its name, this game is a real fantasy.

Final fantasy 5 Apk

Final fantasy 5 Apk

The innovative title of Final Fantasy 5 Apk permits the user to modify their heroes with extra-ordinary margin. Final Fantasy V includes graphical 2D characters which amplify the imagination of the player. Graphics are beautifully modified. It makes the game more interesting and completely involves and engages you in the game.

The story goes around the four crystals. So the combat around them started in three various worlds.


Wind, water, air, and Earth are four major factors of the world. They are decreasing their power. It began with an unusual alteration in the atmosphere. A young voyager feels something apocalyptic. He set out on a journey to find the reason behind this and to solve this problem. The maps and story line are explicated. The five characters of the story are:

  • Lenna Charlotte is a princess.
  • Galuf Doe is a secretive old guy.
  • Karile Mayer the grand-daughter of Galuf.
  • Bartz klauser is a traveler and adventurer.
  • Faris Scherviz is a captain of the ship and he is a pirate.


Final fantasy series always appear with amazing features. The major feature of the final fantasy 5 is the job system. A Player can easily choose the job or class for his character. By completing the job a character achieves special skills. There are 22 jobs to do. The images of the characters, logo, and title designs are perfect. 56 different sound tracks make the final fantasy five more innovative. Another interesting feature of the game is, during combat the time limit is for both player and enemy. This feature was firstly introduced in the final fantasy IV.

Final fantasy 5 Apk Latest (Version Info)

Android version 4.0
Apk size 4.76 Mb
Cache size 145 Mb
Genre Role Playing Game
Processor 1 Gb
RAM 1 Gb

How to download and install:

  1. You can download the final fantasy 5 apk from the given Download button below.
  2. Click on the downloaded file to install it. Allow permission from an unknown source.
  3. Now download the game cache.
  4. Extract the game cache file. If you are using mobile then follow this path filemanager/downloads/gamecache/.zip file. Hold your thumb for a moment on (.zip or .rar) file the extract button will show.
  5. Move the .obb file folder to the SD card/android/obb


  • Can we install this apk on the external SD card?

No, you can only install it on the phone.

  • Does it support auto backup cache?

No, it does not provide cache auto backup.

  • Can we play it offline?

Yes, you can play it anywhere at any time without an internet connection.

  • Does this game need extra data?

No, there is no need to download extra data. Just download the apk and play.

  • Is it free to download?

Yes, The Final fantasy 5 apk is free to download.

Final verdict

The final fantasy v is a fantastic RPG app with advanced touch screen mode.  Sound effects are always been a good part of the final fantasy series. 3d pixels are strong texture without roughness. The pattern of FFV is brisker. It has 100,000+ downloads on Google play.

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