First Strike Final Hour Apk Download Latest 2.05 Version 2020

First Strike Final Hour Apk is a game plan for android and iOS users. In this game you will lead one of the world powers possessing nuclear weapons and can build your strong infrastructure in space. This game gets attention of thousands of players. Final hour has great graphics and takes your place in space, you will build your own order in here and you need to work to achieve this. In this game you have to build all construction and formation to battle, to benefit from them and protect your base.

First Strike Final Hour Apk

Version Info:

App Name

First Strike Final Hour Apk

Version 2.0.5
Category Strategy Game
Developer Blindflug Studios AG
Size 58.3 MB
Last Update 1 Day Ago
Language English

Final hour is available in various languages; English, French, Spanish, Persian, German, Chinese and many other languages.

How to Download First Strike Final Hour Apk

  • Click below button to download game

Download Game

  • After Download you have APK file in your mobile
  • Now go to setting and allow unknown sources.
  • Click APK file to install it.
  • Wait for some Seconds

Weapons Used in Final Hour

First strike final hour, in this game some amazing weapons are used.

In this session I am going to explain about these amazing weapons that what the work of that weapons?

  • Stealth bomber is a reusable super weapon that attacks a targeted location swiftly, with little warning to your opponents. This weapon unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Infiltrators selecting a territory for the infiltrators to target will turn that territory into yours. This weapon unlocking Brazil.
  • Air Defense Dome it creates a ring where anything inside of the ring cannot be harmed for a limited amount of time and unlocking Israel.
  • Kali Storm this weapon is deployed onto nay nation, creating a ring or dead zone any rocket drop to the ground when coming in contact with the ring. It will be unlock in India and Pakistan.
  • Dirty Radium Bomb like any dirty weapon bomb, launching this super weapon will leave its target uninhabitable and unmanaged forever and it will be unlock at the start of the game.
  • Damascus Burner the Damascus burner will donate all missiles in that country’s arsenal, and nearly nations will also have a high detonate their silos, with the bordering nations having a decreased chance of getting their silos detonated. This burner unlock in South Africa

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  • Semey Launcher fires many high damage missiles in rapid succession. The missiles move at a very fast pace and unlock in Kazakhstan.
  • Solar Laser the solar laser is first deployed onto your targeted nation. For several seconds, the solar laser destroys nations that its beam touches, including yours. And it will be unlock in Australia.
  • Hypersonic  basically a very fast rocket with increased explosion range and damage. This weapon unlock in China.
  • Globe Strike Trident fires multiple strikes at once, at different locations within an IRBM range with a certain amount of space between firing spots. This feature unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Cobalt Bomb is temporarily ‘disabling’ several nations from being used. Any nation that was hit by the cobalt ball has a blue translucent overly with gamma ray symbols, and that nation cannot expand, defend, attack, build or research. This weapon unlock in Iran.
  • Tsar   the biggest weapon of mankind. Much like the real tsar bomb, the FSFH produce a massive explosion, covering about the starting game area of Western Europe. It takes five cruise missiles to shoot down a tsar. Tsar unlock in Russia.
 We try to cover all basic information about the game in this article. If you have any queries please do let us know, we are happy to assist you all here on our page. 

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