Granny Mod Apk 2020 Download Latest V1.7.3

Have you ever faced a situation in which you are locked in a room? If no, then Granny mod apk is going to put you in that situation. A granny will prison you in a room and you need to get out from there. But you cannot make noise. By doing so, you will minimize your chances to get rid of that situation.

granny mod apk

Granny Mod Apk

Granny mod apk is a horror and thriller game. If you like adventurous and scariest games than this is the best choice for you. A monster granny captured you in her house for five days. You have to find ways to free yourself

Granny mod apk keeps you alert all the time because the monster granny is very cunning and she has an extreme sense of hearing. She captures you in her house and you have to free yourself without making noise. If you couldn’t be able to free yourself in the mentioned duration, you will lose the game.

Granny Mod Apk Latest Version 2020 (Version Info)

Category Arcade
Android version 4.1+
Size 100 Mb
Genre Horror, Thriller
Price Free
RAM 1 Gb
CPU 1 Ghz
Multi-window No

Story Line

You walking in a forest and there you find a house. You are suddenly attacked by someone. When you wake up you are in the house and you are locked. This is granny’s house and you are not the first person.

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Game play

You are attacked by the granny and when you became conscious you are in granny’s house. You have to explore the whole house to escape. You have to find the keys and gears to unlock the doors and clear the hurdles. Gears include a hammer, a shot gun, a crossbow,  and many others. If you want to clear the main door, you need two cutting pliers, a master key, a padlock key, and a hammer. There is a car in the garage but you need to repair the car and you can use it with the help of car key, spark plug, gasoline, some engine parts, battery, wrench, and a key. You can search all these gears in the house.

The granny will also search for you. You can hide in wardrobes and under the bed. The difficulty depends upon the four different modes of granny mod apk.

Granny mod apk Features

  • Hidden features are unlocked.
  • You can go through the whole house.
  • Granny will not be able to hear you.
  • No damage feature will make you stronger.
  • You will play with fewer hurdles.
  • Four levels Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme.

How to download and install:

  • To download granny mod apk, click on the download button below.

Download Cooking Fever Mod APK

  • Click on the install button.
  • Allow installation from an unknown source.
  • After installation, the game icon will show on your mobile display.


  • What is the size of apk?

The size of apk is 100 Mb.

  • Which android version is supported for this apk?

You can play it on 4.1 version and plus.

  • How is the gameplay?

In the mod apk it is very easy to play and succeed.

  • Is this apk free to download?

Yes, granny mod apk is free to download

Final Verdict
Granny mod apk is the best thriller arcade game. If you like the challenges than you will like this game also. It’s like watching a horror movie. Some parents banned their children not to play this game. But this game will teach you how to survive in difficult situations. The real features of the game are scary.  Its thrilling sounds make it more exciting.

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