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Shadowrun Dragonfall apk is one of the best classic and role-playing game. It is a strategic planning game. It is an intensified version of Shadowrun returns. In this version, you will see the combination of the original game and advance version.

Shadowrun Dragonfall APK

Shadowrun Dragonfall apk advanced version includes a competent weapon system, inexperienced missions, improved battle system, modern user interface, fresh music, firm storyline, and exceptional customization. It is a war campaign of 20 hours with a different finishing of the story.

Interface is re-designed and improvements are made to combat system. In-experienced ending and cutting edge music is added.



Shadowrun series is always been a good part of RPGs. The developers always try to add unique features. Shadowrun dragonfall apk has such amazing features. If you are tired and cannot continue the game, but you want to save your progress. The Game saving feature helps you. With the help of this function, a player can stop and save the game anytime. The detailed features are written below:

  • Lead your Team

You have to lead the team of your Shadowrunners. Every character in your team has its own abilities and specialties. Each shadow runner appears with unique fighting skills and an exclusive role in the campaign. They are not bounded only to the mission but they also have to face the challenges of their own lives. It’s up to you, you want to join them or brush aside.

  • Turn-Based Battle

When you are in combat every turn is valuable. You have to plan your actions in a wise manner. You need to move only for appropriate camouflage, better attack or to bang a fireball in groups of enemies.

  • Character progression

Select an original model of the character and start progression from there.

Shadowrun Dragonfall apk skills system provides you the luxury to build your character, according to your needs.

  • Graphics

The high-resolution stunning graphics make the fantasy world of Shadowrun more interesting. They are specially conforming to mobile phones, making the character models more amazing.

shadowrun dragonfall Apk Download

Shadowrun Dragonfall Requirements and info

Android version 4.4
Storage 12 + 945 MB
Processor 1 GHZ
Genre Strategy
Interface language English + More
Internet Not required after Download

How to download and install

  • Go for the download by clicking on the given button below.
  • After downloading press the install button
  • Go to the settings and allow installation from an unknown source
  • Download the OBB. It is also called DATA or Game CACHE.
  • Save it in the “sd/android/obb” and start enjoying the game.


Certainly, Shadowrun dragon fall apk is the best strategic game. You can enjoy it any time anywhere on your smart-phones.  The game is completely engaging from start to the end. Character customization is amazing.

You can modify the gear of your character to a high level. All team members have extra weapons. In short, this game is worthy to play. It has reached the 4.5 ratings out of 5 with ultimate downloads. We recommend you to download it using WiFi only. And also you should not play this on phones with 512 Mb RAM.

Download Shadowrun Dragonfall APK


1). Can we download it on mobile data?

No, we recommend you to download it through WiFi.

2). On which devices we cannot play it?

You cannot play this on devices with less than 1 GB ram.

3). Can we play it without continuous internet?

Yes, you can play it offline.

4). Which android version is supported for this apk?

You can play it 4.4 or more than 4.4 android version

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